Nicki Thomas Web Design

Nicki Thomas Web Design


As I design each website individually there is no 'price list'! For smaller websites an initial exchange, whether by phone, email or face to face meeting, to establish the website requirements is enough for me to determine the design cost of the website. For more complex sites, I prefer initially to write a website specification for an agreed fee, then when the specification is approved by the client I can quote a cost to create the website as specified.


I use a number of reputable third party suppliers to provide hosting for my client websites. When your website requirement has been established I can set up a hosting package for you that is best suited to your site. The cost will vary with the size and functionality of the website, but for smaller sites it will be in the region of £50-£100 p.a.

I am also happy to use any existing hosting provider you may have, for example if you have already registered a domain name.

Site Look

After initial discussion with clients of how they would like the site to look (colours, fonts, buttons etc), and studying any paper literature that the website should complement, I develop a sample page for the client to look at online and feed back to me any changes they may want. Once the client is happy with the look of the sample page I then go ahead and create the rest of the site based on the sample page look.

Search Engines

All my websites are coded for optimum search engine pick up, including meta tags, keywords etc. However, the design cost does not include submission to search engines and web directories.